Tips for Making Windows 10 Operational on a Mac PC for Free of Cost

With the release of the Windows 10 Tech Preview, Windows users must have managed to get the invitation to try the Tech Preview on their devices. But have you been left out because you are a Mac user? This article will introduce you the tips on how you can run the latest Windows OS on your Mac system for free as well.

Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10, was one of the most anticipated operating systems for the year 2014-15. Windows users were no doubt excited to see the technical preview of the latest Windows update version as they will be using it very soon. One way or another, interested Windows users got the latest Windows update. But Mac users, despite being interested, could not receive the invitation for the sole reason that they are Mac users.

Don’t worry though, as it is possible to install Windows on a Mac PC. So even if you are a Mac OSX user and want to see the new Windows Technical Preview on your system, you can easily do it for free. You just need to install a VirtualBox.

Follow the steps below to do your thing:

• Sign up for the Windows 10 Technical Preview

• Here you will get access to a product key and the .ISO downloads you need

• If you already have the product key, download the .ISO files directly from Microsoft

• Next, download and install VirtualBox

• Open VirtualBox and here click ‘New’ to create a new virtual machine

• Name the machine according to your choice

• You will see a list of operating systems available for download

• Here choose Windows 8.1 (64 bit) or Windows 8.1 (32 bit)

• Follow the wizard instructions to complete the virtual machine setup

• Once the setup process is complete, your virtual machine will appear on the left side (it will have the name you gave it).

• Click on the virtual machine.

• Then select Storage.

• Then select Controller: IDE.

• Right next to Controller: IDE, click on the first ‘+’ icon that says ‘Add CD/DVD Device’.

• Select Disk.

• Find the Windows 10 download file


• Click OK.

• Click ‘Start’ to open the virtual machine.

• A wizard will again appear to guide you through the Windows installation process.

That’s it, and you’ll be able to run the installed Windows Tech Preview in a virtual machine inside your Mac OSX device. You can try using the new windows update operating system to check if you would also like to have a windows device. If you are a software or application developer and want to test your application on the Windows operating system, you can also use this window to install a virtual machine effectively.

However, there are some points that you should keep in mind. Windows 10 is preview software, so things could or probably will go wrong. The advantage is that you have installed the technical preview in a virtual machine, so even if things go wrong, it will not cause any problems to your main operating system, ie Mac OSX. Also, some graphical features of Microsoft’s latest operating system may not be available at present, and performance may be a bit slow as your hardware will support two operating systems simultaneously. When the real version of Windows OS is released, you will also be able to run it in your virtual machine inside your Mac system using the same method.

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