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Conventionally, if you want to know about anything, then books are the only sources to get to know about the things that you need to know. And libraries are the only place where you can get rid of your doubts. It might satisfy you only if you got the appropriate source and might not in many cases. The Internet has replaced the traditional sources and fetch you more details than your expectations either in the form of notes or videos etc at your pc. Various search engines are available to perform the customer needs. Likewise, different kinds of online video downloaders are also available. One among the best is Microsoft’s Windows 8 free video downloader. You can download more and more videos at this site. 

Microsoft has developed a series of interface operating systems named Windows that are manufactured and sold by them. In response to the graphical user interfaces (GUI), Microsoft started introducing an operating environment named Windows on November 20, 1985. Windows is the graphical operating system for MS-DOS. Microsoft has become more dominant for the world’s personal computers. Recently, it has developed various improved versions of windows to the personal computers, mobile phones, embedded devices. The recent version of Windows is ‘Windows 8’. Windows virtual pc is an improved version of Microsoft Windows 8.1 on which Microsoft is working on. You can have a detailed account about Windows 8 by watching the video at this website.

You can see the new look of the Windows store as it has launched its recent version to make downloading apps easier. For example, if you are downloading an article on your device, then you can have the photos uploaded along with some fun editing. If you have the Windows 8 version in your device, then you could enjoy the full screen and fast browsing on your devices. Microsoft has received a biggest complaint against Windows 8 as it fails to possess the start button, which could be easily accessed by the end users to reach the apps easier. In order to overcome the disadvantages of Windows 8, Microsoft has released the improved version of Windows 8 as ‘Windows 8.1’. It’s better than the windows 8 as it has been developed to make the negatives of Windows 8 into positives. But customers still prefer the start button among the other changes that had been incorporated in the ‘Windows 8.1’.Windows virtual pc  is an updated version of Windows 8 and it has been framed according to the customer feedback. It has been clearly declared that Microsoft must reinvigorate to beat the other mobile apps developers once it decides to dominate the personal devices.If you need to know more about the recent development of Microsoft, known as ‘Windows virtual pc, have it by having a single click at this site. The site provides you the offer that you can download the full video here at free of cost. Don’t hesitate to access this site for any cost to have the entire updates about Windows virtual pc on which Microsoft is working on currently.

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