An operating system which is developed by Microsoft is Windows virtual pc for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, tablets, and home theater PCs. So many significant changes are available in this new version and also it gives more primarily experience to the user. Windows virtual pc features a new touch user interface and shell based on Microsoft’s “metro” design language. It has new emerging technologies in advanced format and also it includes new security features such as built-in antivirus capabilities etc.

Windows virtual pc was released to mixed reception and the performance also improved with the reaction towards. But it is not easy to learn, being potentially confusing for the user, after starting to use it regularly the user interface is able to know many advantages. Microsoft announced the new version with so many advantages and it is the best one compared with the other versions. New features and functionality available in the windows virtual pc is faster startup . Task managers are also redesigned and present in different ways and the storage spaces .

Windows virtual pc provides heavier integration with online services from Microsoft and others. It provides office, Xbox, Skype, Windows phone, Bing, Microsoft store etc, so many facilities for the use as well as the traditional desktop, windows virtual pc also users in a new start screen. Essentially the key information is that there are two windows virtual pc versions available to buy in the market for the use, they are windows virtual pc and windows virtual pc pro. But compared with Windows virtual pc, a window virtual pc pro is commonly available and a window virtual pc is the final version till now with various style applications. Really amazing features, so everyone likes these features. Compared with the other versions windows virtual pc boots up speed, application loading time is faster. The UI bit will be confusing at first but after starting to use it will be too good.

After starting to use it, the person who is using it will really appreciate the presentation of windows virtual pc because it does good. It is new and friendly to the users compared to the other versions . Already it has three hundred features but they add more features to make the users comfortable and it is able to approach all the inclusiveness. It is the first edition of Windows virtual pc operating on both ARM based tablets and designed to work seamlessly across both PCs and tablets.Although windows virtual pc might look and entirely feel like a new “user experience” Metro applications are full screen and they are beautiful. Everything that runs on windows 7 will run on windows virtual pc but it is too advanced and good to the user. Windows virtual pc also brings increased support for multiple monitors and it has so many capabilities without needing any other party applications.       

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